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Above the Knee Amputee: Buster Jenkins

Bilateral AK Overcomes Odds

Less than 5 weeks later, Buster was in our office again asking to be re-evaluated. The first thing he did was hold himself above his wheel chair for more than a minute without any indication of getting tired. I was immediately on the phone with his physical therapist and physician to confirm everybody was committed to the next step. I reminded him that walking as a bilateral amputee was going to take a tremendous amount of practice and training. He responded with a smile and said "I'm ready".

In late October, Buster received a set of bilateral prostheses. Initially he required two people to assist him to get out of his chair and take a step forward. By early December Buster was walking independently in the parallel bars. He told me his goal was to be walking with a walker before Christmas. He has kept a journal along the way of every step and exercise he has completed towards his ultimate goal. Christmas isn't here yet but Buster is already walking. He has shown everyone that has worked with him that determination and focus are two of the more important qualities a person must possess if they are going to attempt to overcome the odds.

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