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Above the Knee Amputee: Joann Butinski

Bi-Lateral Above Knee is Back to Work

Joann Butinski underwent her first above the knee amputation as a result of vascular
problems in 1998. The physical therapists who were working with Joann at the time
commented that her will and determination were beyond most. They were right. Joann
was up and walking in no time on her first prosthesis.

In November of 1999, Joann contacted us from her home in Olean, New York to let us
know she was know a bilateral above the knee amputee. At age 67, she stated to us that
she was not about to give up. She was determined to walk again and resume doing things
aound the house no matter how long it took.

Over the next year or two. Joann experienced a number of setbacks that prohibited her
from pursuing her new goal. She never gave up hope, end eventually her luck turned
around. In October of 2001, she was ready to be cast and measured for her new belt-less,
bilateral above the knee prostheses. Upon receiving her prostheses, the first thing she did
was stand up and walk into her kitchen, with the aid of her walker. "I can't explain how
much I am looking forward to being able to do things for myself again. The everyday
things, like cooking and doing the dishes" she told her Certified Prosthetist.

Sometimes it is the most basic tasks that are the biggest goals in a person's life. Joann
proves that when you are able to look beyond an obstacle and set your mind on a goal,
there is very little that will prevent you from achieving that goal. The obstacles Joann
overcame were enormous. For now, she plans to enjoy her hard earned success and do
some housekeeping on her feet, something she has not been able to do for quite some
time. Knowing Joann's will and determination, it probably won't be long before she goes
on to find new challenges to conquer as a bilateral above the knee amputee.

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