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Above the Knee Amputee: Eugenia Baine

Eugenia Baine is a perfect example of an individual with a desire to live life to the fullest. Eugenia was born in Siberia in 1926. In May of 1998, she had to have her leg amputated above the knee due to vascular problems, one of the complications suffered as a result of her diabetes.

Eugenia was very depressed after the surgery, and had many unanswered questions and fears. She then developed a serious infection, which put her rehabilitation on hold for several months.

In December 1998, when she was ready to move forward with her rehabilitation, she was referred to Nelson Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory. Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist Chris Van Dusen met with Eugenia and her family. He explained a great deal to them about what lie ahead as far as being cast and fit for a prosthesis and the types of prosthetic devices and components that were available. Eugenia was very encouraged by this meeting, and when she learned that she would be able to resume her lifestyle.

Chris Van Dusen, CPO fabricated an Above-Knee (AK) prosthesis with an Alpha liner, 4 bar polycentric knee, and a SACH foot. The prosthesis is a modular, lightweight, endo-skeletal system. Eugenia received her prosthesis in January 1999, and was up walking a few weeks later. This was the first time she had walked in almost nine months. Eugenia currently walks with the help of a walker or crutches, but her goal is to walk into the office of Nelson Prosthetic & Orthotic Laboratory using just a cane.

"Without my prosthesis, without Chris, I could not do anything," says Eugenia. "I am so grateful and would like to extend my thanks to Chris Van Dusen, Dan Wojcik, the technicians, and everyone else at Nelson." Eugenia's daughter, Olga, was very pleased with her mother's progress. "I have seen my mother's confidence and her joy of life increase. She once again has a light in her eye."

Some of Eugenia's hobbies include reading, gardening, and cooking. She looks forward to resuming her lifestyle, so that she may be able to create comfort in the home, cook good meals for her family, and contribute to the family life. She feels she is becoming more independent every day, and wants to be helpful to others, especially her family.

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