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Above the Knee Amputee: Jackson Delude

Jackson Delude

Jackson Delude is a 3 year old boy who was born with a diagnosis of PFFD. PFFD, or Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency, is a rare, non-hereditary birth defect. This disorder may affect one or both lower extremities, with the hip being deformed and the leg shortened. It is commonly linked with the absence or shortening of a leg bone and the absence of a kneecap or patella.

Jackson was born missing both of his tibias and patellas. As a result, he underwent an elective, bilateral, above knee amputation to give him a better chance at independent ambulation. At the age of one, after everything had healed up, Jackson was able to weight bear on the end of his distal limbs. At this point, he was ready to be fit with his prostheses.

Jackson was fit with his first set of above knee prostheses in June 2013. At that time, he was fit with bilateral above knee prostheses that included his sockets and feet only. He held his sockets on with gel liners that he wore against his skin and a lanyard system that locked him into the sockets themselves. This allowed Jackson to stay close to the ground for balance and to allow him to get used to the idea of wearing the sockets on a daily basis. After approximately one year, and some physical therapy, Jackson was ready to add the knees to his prostheses. The knees remained locked during ambulation for stability reasons. They would unlock and bend to allow Jackson to sit down. He walked with these locked knees for approximately one more year. In April of 2015, Jackson was fit with a new set of bilateral, above knee prostheses. This time the prostheses were fabricated to include knee joints that would bend when he walked. This allowed him to flex his knees through swing phase and walk with a more natural gait pattern.

With the help of physical therapy, Jackson has made great strides in gaining his independence. Jackson wears his prostheses on a daily basis and is able to ambulate without any assistive devices. This past summer, Jackson attended Camp No Limits, which is a camp for children with limb loss and for their families. This camp offers parent and peer support groups, along with adapted recreational activities and state of the art prosthetic education. According to mom, Jackson is able to run and play like any other 3 year old child. Mom says his newest discovery is jumping!

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