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Patient Care

What The Process Entails

Scheduling An Appointment

The following information should give you a better understanding of what to expect when coming to our office for services.

Scheduling an appointment: Generally we see patients by appointment only. You can schedule an appointment by calling one of our four office locations:

Main Office/Cheektowaga


Northtowns Office/Lockport


Southtowns Office


Jamestown Office


Batavia Office


The receptionist will ask you for the following information when scheduling your appointment:

  • What type of orthotic or prosthetic device/services do you require?
  • Do you have a prescription?
  • What type of insurance do you have?
  • Which office location would you like to go to?

Your First Visit/ Initial Evaluation

At your first office visit you will need to fill out some paperwork, so we ask that you arrive five to ten minutes before your appointment.

The practitioner who will be seeing you will show you to one of our private patient rooms. It is at this initial visit that your practitioner will conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical condition and assess your prosthetic/orthotic needs. He/she will ask you several questions about your health/medical condition, as well as questions about your occupation, lifestyle, goals, interests and activity level. Depending on what type of device your physician has prescribed and your medical condition, there are oftentimes a variety of components to choose from, each with specific features designed to meet different needs. That is why it is so important to provide as much information as possible when the practitioner conducts the initial evaluation. If necessary, the practitioner may also consult with your physician and/or therapist when determining the most appropriate device and components.


Once the practitioner has conducted their initial evaluation, and if it has been determined that your medical condition is such that you are ready to proceed to the next step in the process, he or she may cast or measure you for the prosthesis/orthosis that you need. The determination of which method is used, casting or taking measurements, is based upon the type of device you will be receiving. The casting process consists of the practitioner taking a plaster impression of your limb or residual limb using Plaster bandages. The practitioner removes the cast from your limb once it has dried, and then utilizes this cast when fabricating your device. Before you leave our office, we will schedule an appointment for you to return for your initial fitting.

What Information Should I Bring?

The following items should be brought with you for your first appointment:
  1. Prescription from your Doctor
  2. Insurance Information
  3. X-rays (if requested)
  4. A family member or close friend (Bringing another person with you is always a good idea. They will help you to recall conversations, instructions and will probably ask questions you may not have thought to ask.)