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Patient Care

Choosing Your Practitioner

Choosing a practitioner is one of the most important decisions that you will make that directly impacts your overall satisfaction with any orthotic or prosthetic device you receive. A strong working relationship with the person who will be designing and fabricating your device is an essential component of a successful outcome. Take the time to meet with different practitioners in your area from different facilities. You will soon learn there are many different types of personalities of people who work in this profession. Choose a practitioner with the type of personality that you feel most confident with.

Here are some additional things you may want to consider when choosing a practitioner:

  • Is the company the practitioner works for reputable? Ask your doctor, therapist or others in the medical community.

  • Does the practitioner explain things in a way that you understand?

  • Did the practitioner take the time to explain the process of making your device thoroughly, including what to expect at each step of the way, and give you an approximate timeframe for each step or procedure?

  • Did the practitioner focus his attention more on providing the "best device", or providing a device that will best allow you to achieve your goals?

  • Did the practitioner spend enough time and ask enough questions to learn about your lifestyle and future expectations?

  • Did you leave with the impression that this practitioner is completely committed to you and your goals and that by you reaching them is the only important measure of success?

Choosing a practitioner is a very important step in the rehabilitation process. When a patient chooses a practitioner whom they are comfortable with, they will soon realize the added benefits of trust and understanding in the rehabilitation process. In turn the patient will be back on their feet sooner.