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Patient Education Program

Patient Education Program:

At Nelson Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory we want to educate our patients throughout the process of limb loss. This is a difficult circumstance for an individual to face and is a life changing experience. We strive to educate our patients before and after the amputation process. This helps aide in providing a smoother transition from post amputation to when they will receive their new prosthesis. At Nelson Prosthetics, we feel that the more educated the patient is throughout this process, the greater the physical and emotional outcomes are. Our patient educator, Mary Palmer, is able to meet with the patient prior to amputation to discuss the process and steps that are taken in receiving their new prosthesis. Mary provides literature for patients to read and refer to, along with a sample prosthesis for them to visually look at. This helps to bring comfort to the patient in knowing what will take place post amputation. If you know someone who may benefit from this program, please contact our office at 716-894-6666. Our goal at Nelson Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory is to help our patients overcome physical challenges and regain their independence as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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