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Nelson Prosthetic and Orthotic Laboratory Continues to Provide the "SureStep SMO" for Our Low Tone Kiddos

The SureStep Dynamic Stabilizing System is a revolutionary concept in stabilizing the foot and ankle in children with low tone. the advanced, patented technology of SureStep outperforms traditional bracing in addressing this type of medial/lateral instability while promoting normal function.

Improved Efficiency

Children who pronate expend a great deal of energy through their feet, legs and upper body in an attempt to counter imbalances caused by pronation related instabilities. The SureStep system helps to stabilize the foot and ankle, which reduces the need for extensive balance compensation.

Increased Stability

while there are many different types of orthoses that attempt to correct low tone pronation, only the SureStep system uses the unique, patented principle of compressing the foot into alignment. Through the use of an extremely lightweight, thin and flexible plastic, SureStep allows for more natural movement of the foot and ankle while still maintaining proper alignment in standing, walking and running.

Help them learn it right

As children begin to take steps, they build and reinforce their gait muscle strategies and movement patters. SureStep allows the foot to move naturally whitout restricting intrinsic movements. therefore, a natural, efficient and stable gait is encouraged. Because of the unique, patented trimlines of SureStep, more physical activities are now attainable for your child. Squatting, jumping and running makes playtime more fun!

Better Alignment

Excessive pronation puts undue stress on the knees and hips by changing the alignment of the lower extremities, taxing the mucles of the legs greatly. this often results in complaints of fatigue and "tired legs". The SureStep system helps to stabilize the foot and ankle, which helps to relieve the stress from the knee and hip joints and allows the muscles to work more efficiently and joints to travel more efficiently.

Fun Patterns

Jungle Juggle
Traffic Soup
Busy Bees
Happy Daisies
Ocean Life
Farm Friends

Our colorful, exciting patterns can make SureStep fun to wear! check our web site for the patter of the month

SureStep is a revolutionary concept in controlling foot and ankle pronation in children with low tone. The advanced, patented technology of SureStep outperforms traditional braing in combatting this type of medial/lateral instability.

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