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O&P Component Suppliers & Manufacturers:

College Park Industries
Creators of the TruStep prosthetic foot, for lower extremity amputees of all activity levels.

Offers a full range of lower extremity prosthetics products manufactured by Blatchford.

Designers of lower limb prosthetic devices for amputees of all ages and activity levels. All products are made from 100% carbon fiber material.

Motion Control
Motion Control, Inc., is the leading U.S.manufacturer of myoelectric and externally powered arm products, featuring the Utah Arm 2 for above-elbow amputees and the new Utah ProControl 2 for below elbow amputees.

Ohio Willow Wood Company
Products include both lower and upper body prostheses, such as the Pathfinder and Alpha Liner, made from a variety of materials.

Otto Bock
Worldwide manufacturer and distributor of orthotics and prosthetics componentry